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Southeast Manufacturing Responsible for Economic Growth

In the wake of COVID-19, many of the states responsible for southeast manufacturing are seeing economic recovery. Here are the industries thriving in each of these southeastern states.

North Carolina

Manufacturers in North Carolina make up 18.31% of the total output in the state. This industry employs 10.36% of the workforce. The top manufacturing sector in the North Carolina is chemical manufacturing. The state has also had much growth in computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing in 2020, growing by about 8%.

South Carolina

South Carolina is experiencing growth due to companies moving & creating jobs. The total output for manufacturing in 2019 was $40.26 billion. Motor vehicles and parts manufacturing was the top sector in the state. Southwest manufacturing is responsible for growth within pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing and South Carolina is no exception. This industry has seen the most job growth in 2020.


Georgia’s manufacturing employs 8.54% of the workforce. The state’s top grossing sector is food, beverage, and tobacco products. Georgia has had the most job growth in pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing. Manufacturers help to drive Georgia’s economy with $34.76 billion in manufactured goods in 2020.


Florida’s total output from manufacturing in 2019 was $58.88 billion and had an average of 384,000 manufacturing employees in 2020. The state’s most profitable sector in 2019 was computer and electronic products. In 2020, the aerospace products and parts manufacturing sector grew by over 20% in employment.


In 2019, Alabama’s manufacturing output was $38.4 billion. Moreover, there was an average of 266,000 manufacturing employees in the state in 2020. The motor vehicles and parts manufacturing sector was the state’s most profitable sector, with over $6 billion.


Tennessee’s manufacturing workforce employs 10.96% of the state. There were 334,000 manufacturing employees in Tennessee in 2020. One of the sectors that has seen much job growth is the navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing sector, with 6.1% in job growth.

Southeast manufacturing is vital to the pharmaceutical, electronics, and automotive industries with growth in many more. To learn more about these top industries – attend SOUTHTEC.