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What is Remarketing?

Have you ever shopped online and not finished checking out, only to have your cart follow you around the internet later on? That’s exactly what remarketing is. Remarketing gives us the ability to show ads to visitors of the SOUTHTEC website, targeted by specific pages or interests.


Remarketing gives you the ability to target past and present SOUTHTEC attendees with custom banner ads you provide us. These targeted ads allow you to promote your SOUTHTEC participation, booth number, products and services before, during and after the event. Remarketing requires a minimal investment and can fit into anyone’s budget.

We are now using a sophisticated real-time bidding ad serving software to target SOUTHTEC attendees and prospects while they search the internet and interact on social media. Take this opportunity to increase your brand exposure and add additional influence to your online marketing campaign prior to the event. You provide the ad creative, we take care of the rest.