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A decade after landing in North Charleston, Boeing SC remains on sharp trajectory

For Brad Zaback, the 10th anniversary of Boeing Co.’s 787 Dreamliner campus in North Charleston isn’t so much a time to reflect on the past but to plan for the future.

“It has been incredible to watch this facility in a short 10 years get to the point where it is, and with the trajectory it’s on, it’s going to continue to improve,” said Zaback, vice president and general manager of the 787 program.
“We’re going to continue to grow and we’re going to continue to earn more work from Boeing.”

It was a decade ago that Boeing announced plans to build its first commercial airplane assembly plant away from the company’s traditional Puget Sound, Wash., manufacturing base.

Since then, Boeing has added an engine design and manufacturing center, a factory that makes interior cabin parts, a research and technology center and a two-bay paint hangar to its South Carolina holdings while providing maintenance for the C-17 Globemaster cargo planes at the adjacent Charleston Air Force Base.

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