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Valuating Your Used CNC Machines Before SOUTHTEC 2019

SOUTHTEC 2019 is almost here, and before you know it you will be face first in front of some of the best equipment brands that will make your job easier. One of the major concerns that a lot of corporations encounter is the ability to afford the extras these CNC machines have to offer.

One of the best ways to get the toys for your shop is selling your used equipment. But how do you do it? What is the best price? How do you handle shipping? Are you getting fair price?

Here are a couple things to start you off the right path:

How Much is Your Used CNC worth?

When selling a used CNC machine, there are many factors that decide the price. In order to ensure you get the best price for your used equipment, it is important to consider appropriate valuation techniques. While most businesses resort to traditional ways like browsing through listings such as eBay and calling used equipment dealers, these methods have their own limitations. They might not fetch the best price for your valuable business assets.

We recommend trying our CNC Price Guide Tool which helps you get the best price for your used equipment and that too, for free. Our all-new pricing tool gets you valuation of any type of used CNC machine in three easy steps. Using the tool to valuate your equipment is as simple as pricing out a car online. It helps you determine the value of your used machinery quickly, easily and free of cost. As we have a complete database which calculates the machine price on the basis of model, year and price you paid, our Price Guide Tool is one of the most effective ways to evaluate used machinery. You just need to enter the details of your used CNC machines to instantly get the best selling price which can help you afford new equipment displayed at the expo.

Cleaning Your Used CNC Machine

A major factor contributing to the valuation of your used CNC machines is its efficiency. Clean machines are safer to operate and can increase its lifespan. CNC equipment can have different types of residues, particles and other material and should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure safety and efficiency. With regular inspection and cleaning, it is possible to reduce wear and tear and keep the machine working properly.

Preventive CNC machine maintenance can keep it safe from wear and tear and deposits to keep it looking and functioning at its best. Cleaning the machine not only increases the performance and lifespan but also enhances its value to help you maximize profit when selling it. A buyer would certainly prefer a well-maintained machine over unmaintained ones and can fetch a better value.

Before selling a used machine, it is advisable to perform a thorough cleaning process. Start by taking a closer look at what time has done to the machine. Besides layers of dirt, grime and fingerprints, you can look for marker indications, residue and other stuff. Then, check the steel plate and doors to make sure the doors roll smoothly and the plate is clean. Next, check the keypad, controls and dials that can be full of dirt and grime accumulated over the years. It is possible that the machine’s inside is as dirty as the exterior.

Follow some simple CNC machine cleaning steps to make sure the inside and outside are clean and the machine gets you the maximum profit upon selling. Try our cleaning guide.


Primary Factors Affecting the CNC Machine Valuation

When selling used CNC machines, there are many variables that affect the pricing. Age, model, features and condition of the CNC equipment along with the economic climate, supply and demand, all play an important role when it comes to determining the machine’s market value.

One of the biggest mistakes equipment sellers make is overpricing the machinery. As the used equipment market typically includes brokers, refurbishes, resellers and liquidators, it is important that the machinery is priced competitively to allow costs like shipping, dismantling and holding. Overpricing the CNC machine can threaten potential buyers who may be willing to pay a fair price. Higher you price your machine, the longer you may have to wait for your return. It is essential that you price competitively to sell your machine faster.

Other primary factors affecting your used machine pricing are age and condition of the CNC machine you are willing to sell. Buyers may pay higher for well-maintained and newer machines. They would also like to know the running hours of the machine, its technical specs and capacity and nature of updates. Condition of the equipment is also a major consideration. A CNC machine which has not been used much or is well maintained is likely to fetch higher than one that has not been much cared for.

Next, demand and supply affect the prices in any market. When determining the price of your used CNC machine, you should do a little research about the market trends to see if the supply is low or demand is high. In case, there are many similar listings available or there are very few people interested in buying, your chances of getting the optimum value out of your used CNC machine can decrease.

Another factor affecting the valuation of your CNC equipment is the current economic climate. When there is a recession, production is less and this pushes down the demand for used CNC machines. On the contrary, when there is expansion, you can see more demand for manufacturing and hence the machines.

Start to Valuate Your Equipment

Attendees at SOUTHTEC can take advantage of the exclusive offer at our booth. You can get no-obligation, 100% free price valuation of your used CNC machines at  booth #734. Apart from this, we will also be giving cash offers on used CNC machines on the spot. Need more help? Feel free to call us at 844-262-6789, We can get you a valuation over the phone free of charge.

About The Author: Curt Doherty Is the CEO of CNC Machines, A Machinery marketplace that serves the buying and selling needs of US manufacturers via its online platform.