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Fundamentals of Hydroforming

The book is a readable overview and design guidelines for the increasingly preferred manufacturing process. You can learn how to successfully implement hydroforming, the manufacturing process that brings together low cost, low mass, improved structural performance and improved quality.

Fundamentals of Manufacturing, Third Edition (eBook)

This book is a valuable resource for anyone with limited manufacturing experience and training. It also provides a structured review of the fundamentals of manufacturing for individuals planning to take the Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) or Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) certification exams.

Gaging and Inspection Tool Design DVD

This program explores tolerances, allowances, gage wear and repair, primary standards like gage blocks and surface plates, and the variety of standard and high precision gaging tools used to determine if parts fall within their specified tolerances ranges.

Gear Hobbing, Shaping and Shaving (eBook)

Everyone involved in gear design and production will benefit from the practical guidelines in this book. Refer to it on-the-job for tips on process selection, process planning, cycle time formulas and calculations, speeds and feeds, and volume considerations. This book also includes many examples to make your process planning and cycle time estimating easier.

Gears and Gear Manufacturing DVD

This program introduces many primary gear terms and definitions, including involute curve, base circle, pitch circle, pitch point, line of action, outside circle, root circle, and many others. Also featured are the various gear forms, functions, axis positions, and gear machining and finishing processes.

GeoTol Pro Leader's Guide

This GeoTol Pro Geometric Tolerancing Fundamentals Training Program Leader's Guide is used in conjunction with the GeoTol Pro Geometric Tolerancing Fundamentals Training Program