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Extrusion Processes

Extrusion is the deformation of either metal or plastic forced under pressure through a die to create a shape. This unique Extrusion Processes program is an introduction to both plastic extrusion and metal extrusion processes. The Metal Extrusion segment looks at hot extrusion, press components, lubrication, force capacity, and the metals that are typically hot extruded. Both warm and cold extrusion processes are featured too, including indirect extrusion, combination extrusion, and impact extrusion. The Plastic Extrusion segment explores components of the screw extrusion machine and common feedstock and materials. The two most prevalent plastic extrusion processes, profile extrusion and blown film extrusion, are also extensively detailed.

Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) DVD

As every new product is being designed, most manufacturing companies are developing FMEA documents to reduce the risk of product failures. In addition, quality standards like ISO9000 and QS9000 require an FMEA on all new products. To shorten development cycles, many different experts are involved in the design and testing phases of new products.

Filament Winding

This Filament Winding program examines both the wet winding and dry winding processes. The primary types of filament winding methods are detailed including: hoop winding and helical winding. This program also features an in depth look at the types and uses of filament winding mandrels. This program is part of an eight program Composites Manufacturing series.

Finishing Systems Design and Implementation

Finishing Systems Design and Implementation discusses how to smoothly integrate current equipment, product parameters, coating selection and the processes for superior product finishes. Both liquid and powder coating systems are presented, along with its respective management considerations, equipment needs, environmental concerns, and curing methods.