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Introduction to Lean Manufacturing DVD

Use this Introduction to Lean Manufacturing program to familiarize the concept of lean manufacturing to everyone in your organization so they can become more involved in the transition from mass production to lean production. This program explains the core philosophy behind lean manufacturing, and gives insight into why so many companies are adopting the lean principles. This program identifies many value-added and non-value added activities. Learn why total system efficiency is a more appropriate goal than individual efficiencies.

Introduction to Lean Tooling DVD

This Introduction to Lean Tooling program examines how manufacturing companies are using lean tooling as an integral part of lean manufacturing to immediately cut costs, drastically reduce production lead time, and ensure quality. It will help you organize your tooling so you can find every tool you need in less than 30 seconds and it will help you get tooling ready faster so that setup time is minimized.

Kanban Systems DVD

Ideal as an introduction to the basic concepts of kanban. See what kanban systems are available, how they work, and where they'll be successful. Discussion centers on how this lean tool supports inventory control to better respond to customer demands, promote visual control, and reduce costs.

Lean Gold Certification Package

This package contains core reference materials are for candidates seeking Lean Gold Certification. All five titles in this package contain valuable information for those pursuing in-depth knowledge of lean principles and tools.

Lean Manufacturing Systems and Cell Design

Lean Manufacturing Systems and Cell Design explains how cellular manufacturing and assembly subsystems comprise the foundation for the entire lean production implementation process. Based on decades of study and firsthand observations of prominent companies in the automotive, aerospace, and many other industries, the authors explains how members of the lean implementation team, managers, and engineers can design and implement lean cellular systems.