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Training Within Industry DVD

Training Within Industry shows you how the four modules of training within industry (TWI), job relations (JR), job instruction (JI), job methods (JM), and job safety (JS) work together to sustain lean manufacturing.

Computer-Aided Design DVD

Computer-aided design or CAD involves the use of computers and software to digitally create engineering drawings and models to aid in tooling and product design. This program, part of the Fundamentals of Tool Design Video Series, explores the tools and techniques used within four fundamental computer-aided design categories.

RFID: Tool Tracking Solutions DVD

This program takes you into the infrastructure and technology behind RFID as well as the real-world practical applications, challenges and advantages of using RFID to support quality and productivity.

Milling and Machining Centers DVD

This program provides a broad understanding of the milling process, including segments on milling machine basics, CNC machining centers, tool changers and cutting tools, workholding and workchanging, machining center accessories and programming, and operating parameters.

Metalcutting Module Set

Metalcutting Module includes eight programs from SME's top selling Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes Video Series bundled together into one convenient package.

Lean Starter Video Package

The Lean Starter Video Package consists of four popular video programs from the Shingo award-winning Manufacturing Insights Video Series.