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Composite Materials & Manufacturing Training Guide (PDF)

After watching the program and reviewing this printed material, the viewer will gain knowledge and understanding of the nature of composite materials and the ways in which these materials are transformed into a wide variety of manufactured products.

Career Readiness for the American Workforce (PDF)

SME and a coalition of national organizations that represent government, business and education have collaborated on a new white paper that highlights the need to make career readiness/development a central priority in the American education system.

Code of Ethics (PDF)

SME Code of Ethics - Preamble Practitioners of technology and engineering recognize that their professional, civic, and personal activities have a direct and vital influence on the quality of life and standard of living for all people.

Working Journalist Definition (PDF)

Working journalists are defined as... • Reporter, editor, writer, publisher • Editorial or news cartoonist or artist • News photographer or videographer • Producer, president or general manager • Librarian, web master or other editorial employee