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Digital Solution Showcase

Brought to you by the MT Series and MSC Metalworking Innovations, the Digital Solution Showcase demonstrates the latest innovations closing the gap on digital technologies that aim to improve

John Dyck

John Dyck was appointed CEO of CESMII - The Smart Manufacturing Institute, in June of 2018.

Matthew Brady

Matthew Brady completed a 4-year apprenticeship in 1989 and is a Journeyman Tool and Diemaker.

Markus Heß

Markus Heß has held various key positions in both government and the private sector, contributing significantly to policy and industry development.

Matthew Littlefield

Matthew Littlefield is Co-founder, President, and Research Leader at LNS Research. He leads the organization as it fulfills its mission of driving industrial transformation and contributes to

Jim Davis

Jim Davis is the PI for CESMII from UCLA as well as Principal CIO Advisor and member of the Governance Board.