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2023 Event Recap

This year provided an unparalleled opportunity to witness over 100 new product announcements, experience over 300 companies, learn real-world manufacturing solutions from respected experts and

Andy Carr

Simply stated I am passionate about US manufacturing and particularly manufacturing here in South Carolina.

Zara Brunner

Zara Brunner is the Division Chief of the Partnerships and Outreach Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Office of Advanced Manufacturing (OAM), which also serves

Jeff Schlageter

Jeff Schlageter is responsible for achieving IBM’s revenue and cash-flow objectives with top and bottom-line business results for all IBM clients in the four GTM geographies: North America,

Michael Peel

Michael Peel is a Production Supervisor in Assembly at BMW Manufacturing LLC Co., Plant Spartanburg. He is responsible for continuous improvement and quality control to achieve daily production