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Demystifying OT/IT Convergence: Unraveling the Truths and Myths

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Since the 1970’s, organizations have been digging separate distinct trenches for Operations and Information Technology systems (OT and IT) – and those trenches have grown into canyons.  One of the most powerful promises of Industry 4.0 technology is that the technology itself is no longer a barrier to these 2 worlds co-existing efficiently. There is a major barrier, though – the people who operate todays OT & IT infrastructure who are often paralyzed by the fear of the unknown and layers of historical confusion.  Leaders must embrace the concepts that Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing offer to deliver solutions that enable their stakeholders to manage manufacturing supply chains around value streams and business functions seamlessly across the legacy OT and IT boundaries.

In this talk, Mark & Doug will discuss several truths and debunk the various myths about how to achieve convergence.  Truths about the simplicity, security and flexibility of converged capabilities to the business, and the incredible value it can bring.  Myths that lead to unapproachable systems that lack of reliability, perform poorly with unmanageable vulnerabilities and minimal interoperability.

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